The Girls Behind The Blog

Reading Among The Stars was started in July 2015 by CassieRose as a way to share her love of books and opinions with others in the community. In May 2016 Alli-Kay, CassieRose’s younger sister, joined the blog in order to help out with reviewing books and as a way for the two to share their love of the written word.

Both CassieRose and Alli-Kay were taught as children that reading is not something that should be loathed just because it is primarily associated with school and homework. They were encouraged by their mother to read because it was an experience that could lead you to worlds that you never could have imagined on your own and that reading gives you the power to build upon what the author has written with your imagination alone. Everyone experiences books differently. No matter the story or book it will in a way change with each reader, no two people will imagine the characters and scenes of the same which makes reading a wonderful and unique experience.


I am 23 years old and an avid bibliophile; I have been my entire life. What I have always loved about reading is when the story is so encompassing that you don’t even notice or mind that you have been sitting for hours on end with your head in a book. I have always tried to encourage those around me to break the association they have built between reading and negative feelings because that is not what reading truly is. Reading is something that is meant to be enjoyed, just like you enjoy the wonderful stories that are depicted in movies or shared with you by those you are close with.

While I enjoy many different genres of books most of them fall into the Young Adult/New Adult category. I enjoy Dystopian, Post Apocalyptic, Fantasy, Contemporary, some Paranormal, Social Issues and many more.

Other the reading and running this blog, I enjoy graphic design, spending time at the beach and being crafty in general. I currently work as a cashier but hope to work my way into the world of editing with enough time and practice.

Also I am a Goodreads Librarian so if authors need assistance with anything on goodreads feel free to contact me!


I am 21 years old and have always had a love for old books and enjoy collecting them when I can. I enjoy old books so much that I taught myself how to read old English with ease and read both Romeo & Juliet and The Odyssey long before they were ever assigned to read in school.

Even though I enjoy old books, such as Pride and Prejudice which is one of my favorites, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy new books as well. I have a love of the Young Adult genre more specifically Dystopian, Paranormal, Contemporary, Fantasy and Social Issues.

Along with being a bibliophile, I am a licensed massage therapist, aspiring writer and tattoo designer. 

This blog serves to allow us to share our experiences with books with others, because sometimes we all need the opinions of others to help us decide if a book is truly worth our time.

All books we review have been purchased by us either as a print book or a digital copy unless otherwise stated. In the case that we have been given a book from the author or the publishing company for an honest review it will be stated at the top of the review for the book. We do not and never will accept compensation (monetary or otherwise) for a review.

Thank you for following our review blog and we hope that our reviews help you select the next book to add to your collection.

-CassieRose & Alli-Kay

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