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Review Requests: CLOSED

I am currently VERY busy with work and life so I do not have the time to read through all my request emails. I will get to all the emails I currently have ASAP but will not be accepting any new requests for the time being.

  • Young Adult
    • Fiction
    • Science Fiction
    • Dystopian
    • Post Apocalyptic
    • Fantasy
    • Contemporary
    • Romance
    • Most Paranormal
  • New Adult
    • Fiction
    • Science Fiction
    • Dystopian
    • Post Apocalyptic
    • Fantasy
    • Contemporary
    • Romance
    • Most Paranormal
  • Erotica
  • Nonfiction (Only exception is adult coloring books)
  • Religion heavy books

Physical copies of books are prefered but we accept mobi (kindle), epubs, and PDF copies as well.

If you are unsure if you novel falls under a category we read or if you think may be of interest of us feel free to email us anyways. We am more than willing to take a look the pitch for your novel.

When submitting your request please include the following:

  • A brief synopsis of your book
  • The genre of your book
  • A rough page count
  • A cover image (if possible)
  • Links to your book on Goodreads & Amazon.

  • A cover photo
  • Series (if applicable)
  • Genre
  • Format Read and length
  • A rating out of 5 stars
  • Link to Goodreads
  • A Goodreads description/synopsis
  • An HONEST review
  • An author image & bio
  • Links to the author’s social media outlets

All reviews are posted here along with on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon. If you would like the review posted anywhere else please include that information in your initial request.

We will always review honestly.

  • If we dislike or can not finish a book our review will reflect that; Though we will never resort to tearing down an author and will try our best to provide constructive criticism.
  • If it was just okay in our opinion we will point out both the pros and cons of the book.
  • If we love the book we will rave about it and tell everyone about it and encourage them to look into the book.

If you are looking for an easy 5 star review please look else where, we will always be completely honest with our reviews.

If you are looking for you book to be review by a certain date please include that in your email. We can not promise to have it done by the exact date you ask for but we will try our best, if that is not acceptable please do not send us your book.

We reserve the right to decline a review on any pitch that is sent to us. We say this not as to offend you but to let you know that there is a possibility that we may not the correct fit to read your book and we would like to ensure that you get the honest and unbiased review you are looking for and that we get a chance to read a book that we will truly enjoy.


In accordance with the new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, we would like to make it known that books reviewed have been obtained via our own purchases on our own time, borrowed, or received in exchange for an honest review by a publisher, author or author’s PA. We will never accept compensation (monetary or otherwise) for a review. No exceptions.